LuckyWP Wiki Linking

The “LuckyWP Wiki Linking” plugin allows to easily organize a linking in the wiki style on the website: you specify the keyword phrases for a post, and the plugin places links to this post on other website pages that have the keyword phrases are present in the text.

You DON’T NEED to manually place each individual link, the plugin will make it for you.

When placing a link in a post, whole words are only taken into account. For example, the link with the keyword phrase bus will be added to the text:

She got on the bus at Clark Street.

… and the link will NOT be added to the text:

I'm here on business.

In addition to links to the posts of the website, you can also place custom external links by specifying them when adding a keyword phrase.

The typical use cases:

  • When creating/changing a post we add a keyword phrase to it.
  • Profit! Links to the post are already available on other website pages.
Maximum number of keyword phrases
Bunch of keyword phrases with posts to place the links
The links is displayed ONLY on the single page of a post
Placing of links in the posts and the pages
Placing of links in custom post types
Support of links to third-party websites for keyword phrases
Access to the functionality of the plugin
Adding of keyword phrases while editing a post
View the list of posts in which the link is placed
Statistics on the number of links to the keyword phrase
Number of links to the keyword phrase can be set
Number of links in a post for each post type can be set separately
Basic support on the forum
Only Administrator
1 Year
of free updates
1 Year
premium support
Automatic + Manual
Configure by roles

Installing a plugin

Installing with the archive

  1. Go to the page Plugins > Add New on the WordPress control panel.
  2. Click on the Upload Plugin button, the form to upload the archive will be opened.
  3. Select the archive with the plugin and click Install Now.
  4. Click on the Activate Plugin button when the installation is complete.

Manual installation

  1. Upload the folder luckywp-wiki-linking-premium to a directory with the plugin, usually it is /wp-content/plugins/.
  2. Go to the page Plugins on the WordPress control panel.
  3. Find LuckyWP Wiki Linking Premium in the plugins list and click Activate.

After activation

In the WordPress control panel menu the item Wiki Linking will appear, here you can manage the keyword phrase and links, as well as change the plugin settings.

On the editing page of posts and pages the metabox Wiki Linking will appear, where you can add keyword phrases to these posts.


Premium Customer Support

If you have any questions regarding “LuckyWP Wiki Linking Premium” plugin — just contact us by We will gladly help you!

Please, specify PayPal Transaction ID in your email.

The emails are answered Monday to Friday.

We reply to every email, please check your Spam folder if you haven’t heard from us.

Free Users Support

For free support please use the support forums for LuckyWP Wiki Linking.